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We're big time True Blood fans. We get so excited watching this show that we thought it would be funny to video our reactions, which you can find under the "Season Videos" tabs, seperated by each season. It did turn out to be funny, so funny that we've gotten a lot of hits on those videos, so we decided to make a site to hold them all. We're in the process of restructing our videos for this season while holding on to our original craziness, so each episode this season will include two videos: a long version of our endless rants and a short, segment-driven version. We really hope everyone enjoys watching them as much as we enjoy making them. You can find out all about who we are under the "About Us" tab.

In addition to our videos, we're including links to all the news bits we can find (starting with the current season, which is Season 5), which you'll find under the "True Blood News" tabs, as well as any spoilers we can get our hands on, but we'll always warn you if spoilers are included. The "Sites to Visit" tab includes all of our favorite True Blood sites. Be sure to also check out the "Other Spaces" tab to follow us on Twitter, watch us on YouTube, and join our Facebook group. All the silly pictures we take of each other are under the "OTBFC Pics" tab, and True Blood pics and posters can be found under the "Pics and Posters" tab. We love the books, so any interviews with the fabulous author, Charlaine Harris, as well as news about the final book, Dead Ever After, is under the "Sookie Stackhouse Novels" tab. All contests I can find are listed under the "Contests" tab.

We're always open to suggestions for improvements, so please leave comments to let us know what you like, don't like, or would like to see. Have fun, Trubies!

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